There are many companies and then there is Kalo Jewelry!  We can’t say it enough and hope you’ll agree that if you are not having fun then all you’re doing is a job!  We are all about having fun with a passion and that has been evident from day one.  Having fun really shows during our online oyster opening parties so check one of them out!  When these ladies are around the room is electric and the party is in full swing.  So how does Kalo get any work done?

To say Amanda and Tina are not focused on operational efficiency would not accurately describe this company.  These women understand the need for balance so when it comes to the stresses of life and the time to cut loose they’re the first to seek success in both and want you to join them doing it.  So let’s just say, when it’s time to get things done they are first to make things happen which means they are constantly working to find ways to improve the company’s focus on operational efficiency.  Kalo’s customers and consultants have the highest satisfaction with the company’s jewelry, distribution, customer service and the list goes on and on.  It doesn’t stop there because these women at the end of the day understand that their customers also need a break from normal life without feeling guilty.  Enter Kalo Jewelry.

Kalo Jewelry allows anyone a chance to earn the income they need and want while having fun doing it.  That is correct!  Join a team that is there for you and provides you the opportunity, tools, products and training to be successful whatever your background.

We invite you to become a customer and experience the beauty that is Kalo Jewelry.  For those interested in more, we invite you to become a consultant and experience not only the beauty but the life balanced opportunity to experience financial freedom and fun.