Mounting your pearl to jewelry has never been easier! Kalo & Co is redefining the standard for mounted jewelry pieces.

What sets us apart?

  • We do not require an oyster opening at the time of the mounted jewelry purchase
  • We allow you to use loose pearls you have acquired along the way
  • For mounted pieces with more than one pearl, you do not have to wait until an oyster containing twins is opened for you. You are more than welcome to send in any two pearls of your choosing

If you already have loose pearls from a previous purchase: 

  1. Purchase a Mounted Jewelry piece from our website and make note of the order number
  2. Click on and complete a Mounted Jewelry Tag shown to the right and attach it to a baggie containing the pearl you want mounted. Please be as specific as possible when completing this form. Only include the order number for the Mounted Jewelry piece you purchased on the Mounted Jewelry Tag. If you purchased more than one Mounted Jewelry piece on one order, please complete a Mounted Jewelry Tag for each jewelry piece and place the pearls into separate baggies
  3. Mail the pearls and Mounted Jewelry Tag to the Kalo & Co corporate office address listed on the Mounted Jewelry Tag

If you DO NOT have loose pearls from a previous purchase:

  1. Contact a consultant of your choosing and purchase an oyster to be opened
  2. Purchase a Mounted Jewelry piece on the same order as your oyster or order it at a later date
  3. Your consultant will mail your pearl along with the appropriate information to the Kalo & Co corporate office